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Need beacons?
BKON Connect brand beacons ship standard with a free phyID included.
I need this many new beacons.
Beacons@ $30.00 each(one-time charge)
Need phyID keys?
BKON Connect beacons come preconfigured with phyIDs, but you’ll need one for each third-party beacon you want to manage with PHY.net.
I need this many additional phyID keys to remotely manage my third-party Eddystone-URL beacons.
phyIDs@ $10.00 each(one-time charge)
If you need phyID keys to remotely manage QR codes or NFC tags, please contact us.
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Free Plan@ $0.00 / phyID in account / month*
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Estimated Tax?
* This estimate is based on number phyIDs in this order. The estimate may change to reflect quantity discounts if you have additional phyIDs in your account.